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Accommodations at the Secondary Level

with special guest

Elaine Miskinis

Elaine Miskinis
-IDA-NNEA Board Member, English Teacher, and Advocate

Elaine Miskinis is a high school English teacher, writer and advocate for dyslexic learners. She has spent 22 years in the classroom and as the parent of two high school students she is well versed on the challenges students face regarding accommodations in high school.

She has a dual master’s degree (MA/MAT English) from Salem State University and has taught high school English for over 15 years. Elaine is a published author who has written articles for Educational Leadership, The Inspired Classroom and other publications. She is also the author of Leena and the Gerbils, an early chapter book that is the first in a series and published in Dyslexie Font, a font style designed to assist dyslexic readers. Elaine’s TEDx Talk, “Three Lies We Tell Children” was selected as a TED Talk of the week by She is the proud mother of two dyslexic daughters who attended the Seacoast Learning Center in Rochester, NH. Her oldest daughter recently won a New York Times editorial contest with a piece about the need for schools to provide training for teachers regarding dyslexia. Being dyslexic herself, Elaine is committed to being a voice for parents and students who struggle to navigate the complex world of finding resources to help dyslexic learners.

Register here for Elaine Miskinis webinar on Accommodations at the Secondary Level.

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