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Welcome to the student information and dyslexic learner page of the International Dyslexia Association’s New Hampshire website. IDA’s mission as the oldest organization dedicated to providing public awareness, professional development and treatment known to be effective with dyslexic students and related language based learning disorders. The organization is also dedicated to the study of dyslexia and supports evidenced based research relative to effective teaching methodologies, brain research and other related etiology based research to assist the dyslexic learner.

Being a dyslexic learner can be challenging on many levels, however it is possible to be successful educationally with the appropriate types of instructional approaches to remediate struggling readers and writers. Although having a learning difference requires a strong work ethic and acceptance that dyslexia is a lifelong identification it can be overcome. Having dyslexia should never deter the learner from achieving their personal, educational, and career goals and dreams. Many dyslexics have earned high school diplomas, college degrees, as well as advanced degrees. Preparation for successful life experiences can provide the freedom that can lead to satisfying employment in ones chosen field and the personal autonomy students hope to achieve.

Advocating and educating one-self as a learner is a critical factor towards acquiring the skills and competencies towards achieving success. Understanding how your brain processes and works is key and will serve students well over time. Identifying and knowing what types of instructional programs and methodologies, as well as trained professionals can be a life saver. Taking control and empower yourself and others around you!

Listed at the right are helpful, as well as interesting facts, information, student supports and answers to frequently asked questions about dyslexia for students who have been identified and/or diagnosed with dyslexia. We welcome additional questions.

The IDA New Hampshire Branch can be contacted through email or by calling 603-229-3755.

Michael Patten, M.S. Ed.
“A Dyslexic Learner”
IDA New Hampshire Branch

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